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April 04 2016

Timothys SkinCare: The ideal Shave

Exactly what is the best method to get a smooth, close shave? Even if this question continues to be debated for centuries, I own a step-by-step strategy which will simplify the method by leaving your skin soft, smooth and irritation free.
Men's Grooming

1)    Shave from the shower. While this isnt a must, it does help to soften the beard. (mirror?)

2)    Use a base layer. The aim of basics layer would be to follow the skin and make a slick canvas where the blade will glide. This is extremely important must be slick surface will prevent pulling and chaffingby the blade. TimothysSmooth SkinShave Gel was specifically designed for this specific purpose also it wont elope your skin layer from the shower.
Shaving Cream

3)    Apply any foam or cream within the base. The goal here is to allow you to see where you are shaving. Any dime store foam will do, so take out those striped cans youve been saving with an emergency and place them to work! Apply a thin layer of foam over your first layer and begin or try TimothysSoft SkinShave Cream.

4)    Use an excellent blade. I enjoy the Schick The main detail the following is to make certain that your blade is sharp and fresh. Suffice to express, the advantages and disadvantages with the various kinds of blades will fill up a future post.

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